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Radiation is an invisible but real threat for the health of the workers in radiation environments (i.e healthcare, space, aviation, nuclear power plants etc.). Considering that occupational exposure in medicine is a matter of growing concern. Humans that are exposed to large amounts of radiation can experience both acute and chronic health problems ranging from near-term radiation sickness to the potential of developing cancer in the long-term. Active Personal Dosimeters (APDs) are the only solution for the protection in different fields of application of ionising radiation.

HERADO is a dynamic company. Its product combines a strong academic, scientific and research background. It adds immense value to customers by providing data management and cloud based device management Software As a Services. It has already been recognized and evaluated by top experts and NASA. All of the above result in a product of unique features.

HERADO’s Patented system ALMAR is a unique, easy of use system at international level that is capable of measuring and separating in real time and with high accuracy, different types of radiation.

HERADO provides comprehensive radiation dosimetry services and products, including the research, development and distribution of various types of radiation detection monitors and the analysis and reporting of exposure findings.

We are passionate about what we do, from customer services to creating the unique reliable radiation safety equipment in the world.

HERADO a primer in the radiation dosimetry market

HERADO is changing the game in Radiation Protection Applications. Is the time to change the way facilities manage their radiation monitoring program and finally go to the future.

More than ever digital smart technologies and COVID-19 free protocols for radiation monitoring are required.

Our vision

HERADO prevent any consequences of the radioactivity in the working environment, using our knowledge of space technology so as to contribute in a better quality of life.

We change the game in radiation protection application. Radiation protection of tomorrow today.

HERADO’s commercialization is bringing to market the world’s most cost-competitive Active Personal Radiation Dosimeter monitoring program.

HERADO is aligned with sustainable and ESG development, is been GDPR compliance and continuously strive to develop, produce and deliver products of the highest quality.

HERADO is licensed and is CE accredited according to EN 61526:2013.


CE accreditation
GDPR compliance

HERADO has implemented a comprehensive Quality System to ensure that all our products fulfill the latest governmental and industrial requirements.

Marianthi Fragkopoulou, PhD
Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Fragkopoulou M. and Professor of nuclear physics is the Chief Executive Officer & Founder of HERADO. She is an expert in the fields of radiation, medical physics, neutron dosimetry and space. She has Plenty of awards, more than 100 research papers and collaborations with major academic and governmental groups such as NASA, Lockheed Martin, DLR and Los Alamos. Having experience more than 18 years in medical physics and space research as well as in business sector. She has received numerous grand’s and awards while she has extensive international collaborations with laboratories, large organizations and companies. She is a member of international scientific societies and organizations and invited speaker in international conference related to medical physics, nuclear physics, space research as well in economic forums


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