Family Dosimeters

HERADO has developed 3 different types of Dosimeters choose the one that meats your requirements.

  • ALMAR Dosimeter (X-ray and Gamma-rays)

Real time dose measurements of X-rays and Gamma-rays

  • ALMAR+ Dosimeter (X-ray and Gamma-rays and Beta)

With a single detector you can measure and discriminate X-ray and Gamma-rays and Beta

  • ALMAR++ Dosimeter (X-rays, Gamma, Beta and neutrons)

For mixed radiation environment (like medical accelerator), the only detector at international level that measures and discriminates different types of irradiation

ALMAR Family

Active personal Dosimeters Simplified dose readings directing on the sreen, via iPhone, iPad, or PC at any time with the ALMAR dosimeters.

We are passionate about what we do, from customer services to creating the unique reliable radiation safety equipment in the world. Unique Features:

  • Smaller than credit card .

  • Low weight.

  • Audible and visual Alarm .

  • Very low power consumption.

  • Long distance measurements.

  • Very low detectable limit.

  • Accuracy to pulsed radiation.

  • Fast response .

  • Monitor the different type of radiation


ALMAR family of active personal dosimeters automatically measures radiation dose exposure every minute, transmits FAST, EASY and SECURE.


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